About Mary Vermette

Tarrant Teacher Training

DSCN8662After a long career as a classroom teacher in both public and private schools, I began developing science classes for young children and offering them at day care centers and recreation centers. I soon found that many early childhood educators did not understand how to effectively teach science to preschoolers. Hoping to move teachers away from art projects with a science theme and into really engaging young students in science, I began offering workshops in inquiry science and the processes of science. Directors began to ask what other workshops I offered and Tarrant Teacher Training was born.

I offer workshops on a wide range of topics focusing on providing teachers with the skills and knowledge they need to plan and implement a high quality program for children ages 0-6. I have presented at local, state and national conferences including NAEYC 2014 Conference.  I hold a Master of Science in Education and I am a Master Registered Trainer with the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System and a certified Professional Development Specialist with The Council for Professional Recognition.

The Centered Teacher

After much thought I decided to write a blog.  My intent is to share my thoughts, ideas, and knowledge about working in early childhood education with a focus on information of interest to classroom teachers of children ages 0-6. In the process, I hope to connect with others who are passionate about early childhood education.

The Centered Teacher is one who puts the child/children at the center of all her decisions. Developmentally appropriate practices are implemented in all areas of her classroom. She is always looking for better ways to move her class and individuals to the next level in all domains.   Learning centers such as dramatic play, discovery table, writing, and art should be an integral part of the daily routine.  Through this blog, I hope readers will find ways to become a more centered teacher.

Leave a comment if you have a topic you’d like me to address.  Then check back regularly to see what’s new.

Contact Information

For more information about scheduling a workshop or contracting for other services please fill out the contact form or call 817 337-8420.

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