Weekly Reads – September 11

Here are four early education gems I found on the internet this week.  Topics include: information to help parents at IEP meetings, criteria for choosing books to read to children, making a pumpkin stand for dramatic play, and a thought provoking poster.

Parent Education

Three Steps for Navigating the IEP Process for Parents from NAEYC for Families: If you have a child in your class who has been referred for special services, it is important that the parents get your support to make it through what can often be an emotional process.  This short article has some basic tips on attending an IEP meeting.

Long Read of the Week

The Book Matters! Choosing Complex Narrative Texts to Support Literacy Discussion from NAEYC:   Are you as intentional with your book choices as you should be?  This article lists some characteristics that narrative books should have in order to promote rich and complex discussions.

Cute Idea of the Week

Dramatic Play Pumpkin Stand from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: boyPumpkins I think this would be a great dramatic play area for any early education class.  I like how they put a working balance for the children to use.  I also think it would be fun to use pumpkins in various sizes as loose parts on the playground.

Inspiration of the Week

From Early Childhood Educators Rock on Facebook: Hopefully one day we’ll also be paid as the professionals we are.

I covet your feedback as it will help me make this feature more relevant  to my readers. Information that I would find useful include:

  • Which links you clicked on and why.
  • Of the articles and blogs you read, which you found interesting.
  • Other sites that I should check for possible inclusion.
  • Topics that you would like to see included.
  • Technical issues such as links that don’t work or sites that you must register for in order to use.

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