Weekly Reads -September 4

Here’s my list of favorite blogs and articles from the last week.  I would love to read your comments about any that you read.

Language Development

The Importance of Pointing from Playing with Words 365:BabyPoints Sometimes we get so wrapped up in how many words a toddler knows, we forget how important other skills such as pointing are for language development. I love the suggestions that are given for encouraging children to point.  I encourage teachers who work with older preschoolers to check out this article so they can have a better understanding of this important step in language development.

Long Read of the Week

The Decline of Play and Rise in Children’s Mental Disorders, from Psychology Today: More support for allowing children ample time for free play.  The more reasons you have in your arsenal, the more people you can convince.

Cute Idea of the Week

10 Apples Up on Top activity from Stirthewonder.com:  Many diverse skills are used in this activity.  I had never seen water used to make craft foam stick to a surface.

Smile of the Week:

Video of a Baby Reacting to the End of a Book;  From Mashable: Sometimes I feel the same way when I reach the end of a really good book.

I covet your feedback as it will help me make this feature more relevant  to my readers. Information that I would find useful include:

  • Which links you clicked on and why.
  • Of the articles and blogs you read, which you found interesting.
  • Other sites that I should check for possible inclusion.
  • Topics that you would like to see included.
  • Technical issues such as links that don’t work or sites that you must register for in order to use.

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