Weekly Reads – August 14

Here’s my list of favorite blogs and articles from the last week.  I would love to read your comments about any that you read.

Curriculum and Activities 

“Want to Boost Your Toddler’s Development? Put a Toy Chicken on Your Head.” from Science Daily:  When you’re silly with your students, they develop their ability to pretend.  Who couldn’t use another reason to insert more humor into the classroom?

Parent Information

Personal Stories to Help Children Get Ready for School “from NAEYC for Families: This would be a great link to share with parents on your website, at Meet the Teacher, or in their Welcome Packet.  I love how it incorporates language development and pre-reading skills into a fun activity that prepares them to start school.

Long Read of the Week 

Beyond the Pros and Cons of Redshirting” from The AtlanticRedShirtAcademic redshirting has mixed results at best.  Preschool teachers need to be prepared to have honest research-based discussions with our parents about the benefits and costs of holding their child out of kindergarten for another year.  I personally have seen times when a child benefitted from another year, and times when the child just ended up being bored in Kindergarten, but that’s a discussion for a whole blog post.

Cute Idea of the Week

A Painted Branch” from Art Bar Blog:282  I love the idea of working together at the beginning of the year to decorate a branch.  You can then use it to make a 3-D display for student work, like the one shown here (which wasn’t painted).  I think the children would find the display even more inviting if they had worked on it as a team to start off the year.

I covet your feedback as it will help me make this feature more relevant to my readers. Information that I would find useful include:

  • Which links you clicked on and why.
  • Of the articles and blogs you read, which you found interesting.
  • Other sites that I should check for possible inclusion.
  • Topics that you would like to see included.
  • Technical issues such as links that don’t work or sites that you must register for in order to use.

One thought on “Weekly Reads – August 14

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