Weekly Reads – July 31

Here’s my list of favorite blogs and articles from the last week.  Would love to read your comments about any that you read.

Curriculum and Activities

Picture Walk: A Pre-Reading Skill – Children need to learn how to look at pictures in order to make predictions about the text.  Developing this skill now will help them become proficient readers later.  Big books work great for taking the whole class on a picture walk.  One way to make sure everyone has a chance to share their prediction is to have everyone tell a partner.

Parent Education

Back to Sleep Campaign – You can’t assume new parents are getting information about putting their infant on their back to sleep.  A recent report found that many as 20% of new parents were not given this information by their pediatrician.  When my son was an infant, the standard was to put infants on their tummy to sleep.  So if new parents are getting advice from older adults, it may not reflect current best practices.

Long Read of the Week 


from the Irish Times

How Creeping and Crawling Influence Children’s First Steps in Education – Research has found that children who are not physically developed under perform in the classroom.  Many children who struggle academically were not given opportunities as infants to develop their physical skills.  While the article is long and the bits about how children entering school in the UK used to be assessed is not very relevant, this article makes a strong case for including ample time to play.  It also highlights why it is so important for young children to be part of a high quality early education program.

Cute Idea of the Week MeasWYarn

Measuring with Yarn – At the beginning of the year, many classrooms do an “All About Me” unit.  This is a cute and easy way to display heights.  It would be fun to fold it up and keep it until the end of the year to see how much everyone has grown.  From Going back to Kinder blog.

Inspiring Message of the Week 

From PBS Parents Facebook page MrRogers

I covet your feedback as it will help me make this feature more relevant  to my readers. Information that I would find useful include:

  • Which links you clicked on and why.
  • Of the articles and blogs you read, which you found interesting.
  • Other sites that I should check for possible inclusion.
  • Topics that you would like to see included.
  • Technical issues such as links that don’t work or sites that you must register for in order to use.

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