New Feature: Weekly Reads

For the past three weeks I have been working to improve my blog by taking Blogging 101 (which I highly recommend). Today’s assignment is to begin a regular feature.  I have decided to start a weekly compilation of my favorite online articles and blogs for early childhood educators.  For each entry I will include a brief description and why I think it is worth your time.     My hope is that you will find an site or two that you want to check out yourself.

I covet your feedback as it will help me make this feature more relevant  to my readers. Information that I would find useful include:

  • Which links you clicked on and why.
  • Of the articles and blogs you read, which you found interesting.
  • Other sites that I should check for possible inclusion.
  • Topics that you would like to see included.
  • Technical issues such as links that don’t work or sites that you must register for in order to use.

I plan on publishing every Friday morning with the idea that you may have more time over the weekend to check out anything that interests you.

Since I just decided today to start this, my list this week will be short.  I hope that you will come back next week to see how this feature evolves.

Curriculum and Activities

Discovering Space and Shape in Preschool– This article from NAEYC lists some of the geometry objectives that should be covered in a preschool classroom along with developmentally appropriate activities,  I especially like Shape Hokey Pokey.

Parent Education

Talking is Teaching Community Guide and Resources– We know how important it is to have conversations with the children in our care, but we need to be sure we share this information with the parents in our program.  This site includes a wealth of resources you can print out to give to parents in both English and Spanish. Some might be appropriate to include in a beginning of the year packet.  It also has information for providers and materials for a parent workshop on the importance of talking.

Cute Idea of the WeekBkydBugs

Back Yard Bug Snacks – The kids would love making these cute little snacks with candy eyes.  No need to limit them to looking just like these.  Let their imagination rule!

5 thoughts on “New Feature: Weekly Reads

  1. Great new feature!

    How about adding information on things to watch for in that age group that may help in sending up a warning flag to parents for things like autism, ADHD, and other common childhood problems?

    No other things I can think of off the top of my head.
    Jeanette Hall


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